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A young, motivated, highly skilled individual, with 7+ years of experience in Web Development and 3+ years in Software Development.
I have participated in a wide range of projects, ranging from the smallest local business brochure websites to big international corporation systems. Websites, Native/Hybrid Mobile Apps or Complex backend systems, I have tackled anything thrown my way.



A lot of agencies these days have dedicated themself to use some simple CMS (Contenet Management System) with some very generic plugins that lets them drag and drop designs. This allows for very little customization as well as make all of their work look very similar.

Unfortunately I have participated in such practices back when I used to work/subcontract for such agencies as that was the only route they would allow me to follow. This would let their prices stay very low, meaning the clients would keep flooding in.

This is the reason I have seperated from the generic agencies and only do work directly for the clients or subcontract for 'proper' agencies. I have participated in a multitude of large and small projects, but I do not want you to take my word for it, have a look at my work examples by clicking the button below.

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My Services

The services below do not have a set price but are dependant on the task at hand as well as its difficulty


You might of heard of this or you might of not but that is something everyone currently implements to increase sales/productivity of their businesses.

Web Design

Your website might have been designed a while back and you want a refresh or of course you want a new website.

App Design

Is your application getting out of date or do you simply want a new application designed? I am here for you.


Have you had a dilemma on who to hire or what stack/software to use? Call me or email me and I will advise you on what would best suit your needs.


Have you wondered why your application/website seems to run/load slowly? Well I will not only find the reason why but also fix it. No matter the problem I will find it and exterminate it.

Web Development

Adding functionality to your already built website or simply developing a website from someone elses designs from scratch.

Software Development

You might need an application for your sales team, or a time keeping app for your remote team, or simply want a stock keeping software.


Search Engines have changed their algorithms substantially, but most agencies do not adapt and are stuck in their old ways. If you want the most up to date SEO then this is for you.

I will gladly hear out your project proposals!

Contacting me does not cost a penny and does not force you into any contract. All you will get is some simple advice or a quote if you requested one. Simply click on the button below to construct your message.

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