About Us

Who is this service for?

Our Team.

SWD’s team consists of 5 skilled and passionate individuals. Alongside each other we work as a team to better each others work and behaviours. Therefore at SWD we believe in a positive mental and physical attitude, and are always promoting quality business ethics, strategies and relationships. Firstly every team member was hand picked for their skill, behaviours towards other team members, care for their work, and attentiveness towards the clients.

Our Mission

At SWD we believe it is important for ourselves, our work, and our clients to always have a goal to reach, a mission to stand by, and a work ethos. Therefore we take pride in our client relations, in addition to the work we provide for every individual. Most of all no matter your price bracket we work hard to try and provide something for everyone, to the highest standard given the resources we have.

How We Work.

SWD’s main mission is always try and keep the client happy, and to save money, no matter what the service. So we dived into the ocean of available software, did a tremendous amount of research and hand picked certain tools to help us along the way. Firstly, this extensive research lead to us having commercial grade tools. Due to this SWD made deals and connections with other providers, as a result SWD’s material costs are reduced. Therefor reducing the clients cost. The same can be same can be said about our hosting and domain purchasing, because of our deal with amazon our prices drop drastically.

Why SWD?

By now you might be asking yourself, why SWD? Why are they so different to other Web Development companies? As a team we are continuously making sure we put ourselves in the client shoes. While we ask ourselves the same question, we try to relate to the client in every way. Consequently increasing your reasons to choose SWD. As a result every aspect of your experience with SWD should be enjoyable, understandable, and hopefully once finished, recommendable.