What is Grey Hat SEO anyway?

Grey Hay SEO is quite difficult to define. You might be thinking: “oh it’s simply in between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO!”, but that is incorrect. Grey Hat SEO on the other hand is the use of techniques and strategies that at the current moment have not been defined as rule breaking but due to their nature seem like they would be. During the recent years a lot of Grey Hat SEO strategies have turned into Black Hat strategies. This makes Grey Hat SEO a lot closer to Black Hat SEO than to White Hat SEO.

Why does Grey Hat SEO even matter?

You might be asking yourself: “Why would we even bother with Grey Hat SEO when it might be Black Hat SEO in the future?”. The answer is quite simple, you get close the Black Hat technique results while having no negative consequences. The thing about Grey Hat SEO is that it not only can switch to Black Hat one year, but that it can also switch to White Hat. This makes it very important to be updated on the most latest news on googles and other search engine rules.

Should anyone be using Grey Hat SEO techniques?

Even though you might be getting a very good benefit, at the time of implementation of any given Grey Hat Technique, you never have a 100% certainty that that technique will stay of the search engines bad side or for how long it will be that way.  With googles algorithm getting stricter and stricter every year, you might want to be on the safe side and try to avoid Grey Hat SEO.

A list of Grey Hat SEO Techniques

Now that all the issues are out of the way and the risks are known I will be listing most commonly used Grey Hat SEO techniques that are very effective. I will be listing them in no particular order though as it is very hard to find out which are used more than others.

1. SEO Squatting

This is quite an effective tactic but can result in quite a bit of spending if done inefficiently. Basically you can buy up old expired domains which should be relevant to your industry or your keywords. They should also contain a reasonable amount of backlinks, as that is literally the reason you are buying them. Then add some basic content that is still on topic and try to keep it similar to the content that was there previously. While of course you will be placing some carefully planted backlinks to your website, you are not allowed to forget that, the bought domain has to be maintained to keep up its authority and rank otherwise you have just wasted your money.

2. Redesign or simply restructure your website consistently through out the year.

You can even keep the content pretty much the same, but because you will be rewriting the code or simply rearranging it, google will assume that you have fresh content.

3. Set up a paid directory targeting your industry.

This is quite an immoral one as you will be damaging other peoples rank.  What you do is set up for example a review site. Let’s just say you run a car selling business. Now set up a review site reviewing all your competitor websites on their deals etc. Keep adding content for a couple of weeks and then change the website so that any links on the website require a £99 fee. Then simply report the competitor website for purchasing backlinks. This is a great example of a Grey Hat SEO technique that will produce a very good result but is extremely immoral.

4. Charity backlinks

You might be asking yourself: “Is there really no way of actually buying backlinks”. Well this method is as close as you are going to get to buying actual backlinks. What you have to do is find a number of small charities that are as relevant to you as possible. Then donate a small amount of money to them and right after you do that, write a small article about how good the work that they do is. Link it to their donations page. After which ask them to link back to you in a small thank you sentence on their website.

5. Spun Content

Even though sometimes is it hard to pull if it is certainly possible to gain benefits from this strategy at a very low time and money cost. All you do is simply reword some article you found online to the extent where the search engine will not be able to tell that it is plagiarism, and then simply post it on your website. Another very popular method is to take content from not one but multiple pages. Usually copying content from one page is regarded as plagiarism but copying from multiple into one article is regarded as research.


Grey Hat SEO techniques and strategies can be extremely beneficial for a very low amount of risk or even no risk at all. Said that, you never know when those techniques will become Black Hat. Some other Grey Hat SEO techniques are simply immoral and depending on what kind of person you are, you might simply feel uncomfortable doing them. Grey Hat SEO techniques are simply in a weird limbo where no one knows, if they should use them or not, and it will always stay this way.